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Thank you based webm.

mfw watching last nights Hannibal

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Questionyo i came across your blog when i punched in glitch anime, idk if u made the picture i found or not but do u care if i use it for a cover art? Answer

I found it on reddit and reposted it here, and I’m having some trouble sourcing it via tineye, but I don’t care if you use it for cover art. 

I will always love that this is a thing. 

I will always love that this is a thing. 

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Photo by Peter Yang

Real life princesses 

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This is my design 

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Dont tread on what?

Kicking in some new penny loafers. #menswear #loafers #asos #shoes

Sophisticated Rei

A happy Rei

Rei Glitch/Seele

Rei II 

Turns out I have a lot of Evangelion material I haven’t posted, so that’s coming up.